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Professional,Dependable & Affordable Cleaning Serving All of Ne Ga.

It is our mission to provide janitorial service that exceeds our customers' expectations in price, quality and performance.

The appearance of your workplace sets the tone for everything that happens there. An organized and professionally cleaned worksite helps create an environment for success. It encourages productivity and reflects your commitment to quality.


A-Team  Commercial Cleaning has clients throughout Ne Ga. Our clients range from offices, Churches,  to commercial and industrial facilities as well as construction clean-ups.

Immediate IMPACT ...

We believe that the longer we work at your site, the better we get at anticipating — and exceeding — your needs.

Every job is an opportunity for us to make an immediate impact — and then build up from there! When we begin working at your site, you will notice an almost-immediate improvement in the cleanliness and overall appearance of your worksite. As an integral part of our commitment to quality we continuously monitor your needs and tailor our efforts accordingly. Our goal is to help you maximize every dollar spent on cleaning and janitorial services.

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Green cleaning isn't just about using green chemicals.  Green Cleaning is an approach to minimize exposure to dangerous chemicals, reducing waist, and creating a clean and healthy environment for your employees.

A-Team CC Will help you "Go Green"

Green Chemicals

Green Paper Products

Recycle Program

Green Entrance Matting

Green Equipment

Green Cleaning Techniques